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The Road To Kingdom Hearts III

You must play: 1-Kingdom hearts 1 final mix 2-kingdom hearts re chain of memories 3-kingdom hearts 2 final mix 4-kingdom hearts 358/2 days 5-kingdom hearts birth by sleep final mix 6-kingdom hearts re coded 7-Kingdom Hearts HD Dream Drop Distance… Continue Reading →

Final Fantasy XV The way to the full version

final fantasy xv New enemies have arisen to threaten Eos – Gather your comrades and answer the call! The new standalone version of Comrades is coming December 12/13th! We announced a collaboration with. Encounter with a strange Mikotte girl, fighting… Continue Reading →

Singin’ in the Rain

Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen have produced the best musical written directly for the screen. They have used the period in film history during the transition to sound movies and embroidered it with the wonderful songbook of Arthur Freed and… Continue Reading →

Feeling and unconsciousness part 2

What is meant by the fact that man is conscious? To be conscious is to be able to know oneself in terms of thought. It is not just a thing or a living being, but it is a presence: it is… Continue Reading →

Taxi Driver

“Taxi Driver” is a beautiful portrayed of an individual who tries to do things his way, in the hectic and dangerous New York of the ’70’s. He already isn’t a stable person to begin with (he’s a Vietnam veteran) but… Continue Reading →

Toy Story movie

Just in case you were also wondering what happened to all the toys that went missing when you were a kid, the answer is clear: They escaped. “Toy Story” is the kind of children’s movie adults can enjoy just as… Continue Reading →

Playstation 4 will get the Last Remnant Remastered wallpaper for those who buy it on launch day

Sega shares a new show with the backdrop of the PS3’s remake of The Last Remnant, which is released on December 6 on the Playstation 4. The new demo shows us the background of anyone buying the game on launch… Continue Reading →

Feeling and unconsciousness

Feeling and unconsciousness What?What do we mean by feeling? And is it synonymous with sensation? People often confuse feeling and feeling, and present them synonymously. But in fact they are different: sense is a function performed by the senses, each sense that responds… Continue Reading →


What is it really about the Arab nation? To please yourself, or by demagogic complacency, it’s easy: we can be told that we are part of a great nation stretching from the gulf to the Atlantic, it goes straight to the… Continue Reading →

The ego and its intuition of self-state

The ego and its intuition of self-state Proved the validity of the thesis that “the ego depends on self-knowledge through self-awareness.” Introduction: (Defining the concept of the ego as a psychological reality and the need to question who reveals the… Continue Reading →

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