Losing Weight As a By-Product?

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There has been so much information on weight loss since probably forever that it can be actually very surprising that people still feel like they need more of it. In reality, we all know that the reason is not in a lack of information but the problem of most people is simply a lack of discipline or motivation.

I mean don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to talk bad about anybody – the thing is that people who have a big problem with weight are not in this for their fault. They’ve been born like this and it’s in their genes. Some people could eat an elephant before going to bed and still don’t gain weight the next day, while others sometimes feel like they’d get fatter even if they didn’t eat anything.

I need to say that I was lucky to born with great genes and don’t need to worry about gaining weight at all. Despite that, I still can talk about my experience with weight loss, which I experienced during my fight with eczema and trying all the different methods, routines and foods that I found on the internet. If it’s the first time here on my website and you haven’t had the time to search through my other pages or my eczema routine, I’ll wrap it up here a little bit.

What really helped me

After a few months of browsing the internet for eczema diets, etc. I learned that the problem with not just skin but the whole immunity and health in general usually lies in the digestive system. As I was approaching more and more to the cause of my problem by gathering all this information, I came across something called intermittent fasting. I’m sure that by now you’ve heard about it already as it became another weight-loss hit I think especially in the US, but at that time it was something nobody talked about.

So I did my research and found it to be very logical. As my nature is to be very spontaneous and impatient in everything, I practically hopped on this diet immediately. What I simply did was fasting the whole day and eating only within a small window of 6-8 hours – (from around 6 pm. till around midnight and then repeat). I could see a real improvement within the first 3 days.

How does that apply to lose weight?

It’s pretty simple. As you are in a disciplined mode that you REALLY eat only in a small 6-8 hours window, many positive things happen. To keep it short here, I’ll just try to name them quickly in one or two sentences: Your body gets time to regenerate, kill parasites, detoxicate, remove dead cells more efficiently, get energy from the stored fat, etc.. As you are so hungry, at the time of starting to eat you will have so many enzymes in your digestive system that the food will be digested a lot better which also makes you lose weight over time. Also, the pure fact that you have to all your meals within such a short period of time assures that statistically, you will mostly eat fewer calories per day, in comparison to your normal way of eating.

As you can see, losing weight can really be a by-product while trying to get rid of eczema as you have even bigger motivation to adhere to whatever routine you decide to follow. And when it comes to eczema, it’s even proven even with my personal experiences, that eating less quick sugar, in general, improves skin problems. I think it’s pretty obvious that it also helps with managing your weight in a great way.

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