5 Treatments To Detox Your Bladder Naturally

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Bladder plays a vital role in our body, being one of the main actors responsible for storing and eliminating the urine. But did you know that this body is very vulnerable to several diseases, such as inflammations, infections, bladder overactivity or even cancer? Here are 5 natural treatments to keep your bladder healthy.

1. Detoxify your bladder twice a week!

You must take action to care for your bladder at least once to every three days. In addition, if you follow these tips, you’ll detoxify the kidneys too.

Most likely, you have to eliminate salt from your daily diet. To detoxify your bladder and kidneys once every three days, keep the following in mind:

– Don’t drink coffee, carbonated drinks or sugar drinks.
– Don’t consume too much protein foods.
– Once at every three days eat only fruits, vegetables, natural juices and water. Avoid meat (either fresh or processed), sweets and refined flour.
– Drink two liters of water every day.

2. Take advantage of the benefits of cranberry juice!

Cranberry juice is undoubtedly the best juice for treating bladder problems. Several studies have shown that cranberries can strengthen and defend bladder from infections, while helping eliminate calcium deposits inside this organ. These deposits may affect the proper functioning of your kidneys, causing toxins accumulation in the bladder, urinary tract infections and kidney stones. That being said, we advise you drinking cranberry juice every day.

3. Drink juices rich in potassium for breakfast!

Perhaps you’re wondering how exactly you can get potassium out of juices. It’s not hard at all as long as you have a mixer and the following ingredients: 1 carrot, 1 celery, 2 spinach bunches, some parsley and a little water. This juice is very healthy and will act both as a detoxifying agent and as an energizer. We encourage you to start your day with a glass of this juice.

4. Eat watermelon!

Watermelon acts as a diuretic and is great if you have bladder problems. Eat a slice of watermelon as often as you can and you’ll see how this fruit will regulate the renal system, will prevent infections and will improve the renal function. You can use watermelon to make a juice, you can add it in a salad and you can consume it any time.

5. Take advantage of the chlorophyll benefits!

Chlorophyll can make your bladder healthy. You can purchase chlorophyll based supplements in capsules form. This natural compound it can improve metabolic function and can strengthen the immune system, helping to detoxify the blood. Take one chlorophyll capsule five days in a row each month.

It’s not hard at all to take care of your bladder, so why don’t you start today?

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