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Rodale Wellness Is Now Books for Better Living

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Rodale Wellness has found a new home with Books for Better Living, and we’re excited to welcome you all to our community! With our health and wellness sites now joining forces, get ready to receive even more inspirational and motivating, high-quality content.

If you aspire to live an authentic life but need a bit of direction, know that you have found the right place. Books for Better Living has created a trustworthy space where you can discover the things you need to live a well-balanced life. There are no expectations or conditions. We’re here to support you in manifesting a full and authentic life of your own design. All we ask is that you use us a compass; a guiding light to information and expert advice grounded in the principles of wellness, gratitude, connection, purpose, and joy.

If you subscribe to our newsletter, then every Tuesday you will receive BBL’s 5 to Thrive — an email specially crafted to enlighten and inform, as well as lighten and brighten your week. You can also expect a monthly round-up of the best in mind, body, spirit, relationships, health and fitness, and lifestyle as well as special giveaways, expert advice, and self-improvement book recommendations.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our content and start creating the life you’ve always wanted.

Change happens here, and it starts now . . .

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