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You Eat It Everyday – This Food Can Cause Cancer

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Healthy eating is really important for you to be healthy. Unhealthy food destroy your health and you may suffer from severe diseases such as cancer. Many groceries are harmful and can cause serious illness.

Here’s what you should avoid:

Processed meat – sausages, hot dogs, salami because they are prepared from the worst meat.

Grilled meat – this is dangerous because when you cooking, barbecue releases acorns that cause cancer.

Chips – contain acrylamide that causes cancer in the body.

Carbonated and artificial juices – contain artificial colors, chemicals, they can cause cancer

Processed white flour – can be harmful because it contains sugar, and because of this and the white bread is harmful.

Food prepared in a microwave oven – this is dangerous food because the microwave gives dangerous waves that destroy everything that is good in the groceries and transform them into food that can cause cancer.

Carbonated drinks
One can contains 40 grams of sugar, and all that contains more than 8 grams is considered excessive. All those artificial sugars contribute to diabetes.

Processed soybeans
The processed version of soy should definitely be avoided at all costs. Free glutenic acid is a very powerful neurotoxin that is transformed through this process. Soya can cause hypothyroidism, lead to infertility, and increase your chances of breast cancer.

Butter is highly processed bilan oil packed with trans fatty acids. In fact it is the cheapest oil of the lowest quality. This industrial oil should be avoided because it is processed at very high temperatures and increases the risk of cancer, heart disease, hormonal imbalance. The butter contains omega 6 fatty acid. On top of that, manufacturers add a lot of sugar to the butter.

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