Each Finger Is Connected With 2 Organs: Japanese Methods For Curing About In Only 5 Minutes!

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The Japanese have developed an amazing method of curing based on your hand fingers. It will take only a few minutes of your time and its effect is almost immediate. It is called Jin Shin Jitsu and it is based on an ancient belief that every organ is connected to a certain finger of the human hand. Stimulating certain points of the body will help to balance the overall energy, thus affecting the physical and mental health of the individual.

By holding a specific finger for about 3-5 minutes, you will affect the health of the following organs:


Stomach and spleenwort

Anxiety and depression

Skin issues, stomach pain, nervousness, headache

Index finger

Urinary bladder and kidney

Fear, confusion, discontent

Pain in the back, in the muscles, tooth pain, problems with digestion

Middle finger

Yolky bitter and liver

Rage, irritability, and indetermination

Menstrual pain, migraines, headaches, tiredness, problems with circulation

Ring finger

Large intestine and lungs

Sadness, fear, negativity

Asthma and other respiratory problems, digestion problems, skin conditions


Small intestine and heart

Nervousness, anxiety and low self-esteem

Pain in the throat, heart disease, problems with bones.

While performing the deed, you should make sure to breathe deeply and massage all of the fingers on both hands afterward.

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