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Test the second chapter

 The difficulties of social science lie in reasoning rather than discovery; reasoning is the process of showing how discoveries and laws result from general issues under the given circumstances. These issues are not only general but very well known. It is a… Continue Reading →

Science responds to all appeals: calls for violence and appeals for justice

“Science is blind,” says one scientist. “He is able to respond to all calls: calls for violence and calls for justice. He is a slave without a spirit, and willing to serve all ends. “Explain this argument and discuss it.  The… Continue Reading →

The metaphysical truth

The word metaphysics or post-nature goes back to one of Aristotle’s authors (Andronicus the Rhodesian) to refer to the following sciences of nature or physics. “The launch of this name was not initially to refer to subjects dealt with in… Continue Reading →


The Ego at Ibn Sina is what the human individual means by “I”. It is a self-contained essence that is contrary to the body and its conditions. It is something behind the body. So the “ego” differs from the individual, which means just… Continue Reading →

problem part 8

What is the problem?  Verbatim: It is a term derived from the forms and the problem and the problem and means what is difficult and distraction from things, and form what branch off the main road. Shackles are a mixture of… Continue Reading →

problem part 7

The other difference we find in the impact of the question in the form of questions and questions. Here, it is worth mentioning the diversity of problems with the diversity of demands. It is the practical problem that motivates me in the… Continue Reading →

problem part 6

What is the relationship between the question and the problem?  From the answers presented at the beginning of this presentation we can recognize the difference between the question and the problem: The question does not necessarily involve a problem, but… Continue Reading →

problem part 5

Is each question a problem?   And is each problem a question?  Before going into any answer, you must identify the question and the concepts that it contains. What does the concept of the question mean, and what it means to say the… Continue Reading →

problem part 4

problem part 4 And we will market you some situations.  Can a barber shave only to someone who does not shave himself to shave for himself?  A liar admits that he is lying, should he believe it or not?   … Continue Reading →

problem part 3

As for the type of questions that require reflection and answer, they either transcend contradiction and fill scientific curiosity, and may end up proving the error of an idea or establishing another reality. It is only for us to distinguish… Continue Reading →

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